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What is

Proji is a project management tool for agile teams. At Proji we aim to eliminate high complexity of the project management process, so you can focus on your product and its customers.

If you are looking for a simple & minimalistic project management solution you are at the right place!

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It's often hard to keep track of the project progress and deadlines.

Proji dashboards lets you build your own custom dashboards for every project and have a birds-eye view of all your work.

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Collaborate effortlessly across your tasks

Describe your tasks and act on real-time data immediately. Chat with your team, assign people, add tags, set due date and much more

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Your traditional tasks with enchanted features

Start tracking time directly from the task card

Whenever it's done just click on the stop tracking button on a task or timer widget wherever you are


Be in sync with what's happening

Get notified about every change in the project and be up to date.

Project actions will give you insights on project progress and lets you plan ahead.

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Time Tracking

Hassle-free time tracking

Tracking time with your team lets you observe how you spend your time and make better decisions or help you charge your clients based on the time spent more easily.


Manage your files with the team easily

Have all your task attatchments organized and displayed in one place.

Assign files to related tasks, no file size limits! Store and share everything you need.

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Project dashboard for a detailed overview

Track your progress with customizable dashboards, add widgets based on your needs and preferences. Increase your team's as well as your personal productivity!


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