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Project management tool Proji was born to simplify the way businesses and people manage their projects and daily routines. Proji was started by a group of developers during their senior year in Danish university and successfully launched in 2018. We are constantly working on improving Proji, so you can always expect new features and widgets coming out along the way. We are carefully listening to our customers and delivering the solutions they want. Feel free to contact us at our live chat or

Help during COVID-19 pandemic

If your company is struggling to figure out how to transition to remote work Proji could be just the right solution for you. Get your work and teammates in one place. During the pandemic, we offer customized free plans and discounts. Feel free to contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Proji cost?
Proji has a standard and business packages. If you are a small team up to 3 people you can use Proji completely free of charge. The business package costs $9 / month per user. If you decide to cancel your subscription in the middle of the payment period you will only be charged for the time you've used Proji software.
Is my data safe at Proji?
Can I have multiple projects in one workspace?
Can I request new features I want to be added to the software?
Will I be able to make my projects private?
Do you have custom integrations with other apps?

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